How much does a workforce management software cost?

Workforce management software doesn’t come cheap. It is a cutting-edge software with serves as a good productivity platform for most of mid and big companies out there. But for those with the curiosity, there are a few barriers putting you away from know about prices. Why? Many workforce management software developers only deliver a quote to requesting companies.

But don’t panic. Here are the basics of workforce management software pricing. Surprisingly, there are heavy suits offering they features for $2000+ per year. For a mid-size, growing company, that could represent too much. Other similar software offers more flexible plans, around $50 per month for each user acceding to the platform.

In the case of Joblogic, a trailblazing developer of workforce management software, they offer their product with several plans. These plans are design to adapt to every type of enterprise, without discarding newer, smaller ones. The most basic plan starts for less than $40 per month. They even grant a sophisticated platform with app integration.

Other massive software, specialized in big, complex industries, can cost a few thousands each month. They properly track the substantial workforce and boost performance and productivity, which is the main goal of this kind of software.